Major technical advantages of linear pedant LED lights

LED pendant lights use semiconductors transform electricity into brightness, so that LED pendant lights are more similar to computer chips than light bulbs. In terms of traditional fluorescent light, the LED pendant lights have technology advantages.

LED pendant lights are directional light source, reducing the applying of reflectors and diffusers , which can reduce light lumen as well as decrease efficiency.

LED linear pendant lights have high efficiency during transform electricity into light, and fixture efficiency is also great because of improvements in fixture design.

High quality LED linear pedant lights have a long using life about three to four times longer than conventional fluorescent lights.

LED linear lights could turn on at a short time without any delay, even it is in a cold environment, thus it is very good idea to install LED linear light at a cold weather location and areas, such as walk-in refrigerators, cold storage facilities and outdoor areas like parking lots.

LED linear lights do not have filaments and glass bulbs so that they don’t need to be worried about breakage or vibrations.

If you use the LED linear light in a right way on their application , the LED linear light will serves you at more longer time as well as lower your maintenance and billing costs.

LED pendant linear lights with no mercury, as a friendly environment technology can effectively reducing lighting pollution to society.

Linear LED light’s design is more flexibility because of its compact form and low profile.

High quality Linear LED light is dimming, but you must be care about compatibility in the different hardware devices such as the driver and dimmer. Adding the lighting controller can avoid waste of over-lighting.

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