Reasons Why You Should Switch to LED Flood Lights

No matter which perspective you look from, it can be a smart decision for you to choose LED flood lights for your outdoor lighting. You can save money on electricity bills, help the environment, and create an attractive ambience for your business that can draw more customers. Know about some more reasons why you need to switch to LED flood lights.

Lasts for more time
As compared to lights used at home, lights for business generally run throughout the day and night. This puts traditional lights under a lot of stress and reduces their longevity. When light fixtures run continuously, their lumen output can be reduced. Thus, there can be faster depreciation even when you do turn them on and off as often as you would do at home. LED floodlights can last for more than 11 years even when they are run for 12 hours every day.

Less Heat
With traditional CFL or incandescent lights, the heat put out by the illuminants can be a safety hazard. In case your fixtures are close to walkways or seating areas, the heat emitted by the fixtures could be harmful in case a fixture is touched by accident. LED floodlights never produce heat that is anywhere close to traditional lights, given that such fixtures are designed to operate at extremely cool temperatures and dissipate heat inside the fixture. Thus, potential risks of harm are reduced for customers and can make the adjacent area more comfortable for them.

Plenty of toxic chemicals are used in the manufacturing of CFL and Incandescent lights. These have a short lifespan, and when you have to discard these you will have problems. Environmental authorities prohibit regular disposal of such illuminants as these contain toxins and pollutants. LED lights, on the other hand, are completely recyclable. You can dispose of these fixtures with ease after they reach the end of their lifespan. Thus, LED light fixtures are environment-friendly through all stages.

Specific Direction of Light
When you use traditional lights, it can be tough to focus the illuminants on specific things – such as the side of your office building or a particular sign. However, LED lights are designed to concentrate on a particular region. You can do this simply by angling the light fixture, and not making use of any additional shades or reflectors. If you need more of a broad space to be lit up, you may choose a wide beam LED Flood Light to achieve that effect.

No flickering
With regular lights, such as incandescent or halogen lights, you will regularly have to encounter the flickering and buzzing sounds of the illuminants. This can be annoying and also harmful for people who suffer from light sensitivity. Many people tend to complain of eye strain and headaches due to such factors. Such problems can be completely reduced with LED fixtures, given that no noise or flicker is emitted. These are safer than traditional illuminants in more ways than one, and are not impacted by extreme cold or heat.

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