How many LED lighting brands available in the market ?

In a sense, there are no real LED lighting brands in the LED market.At present, some well-known international brands such as Philips, Osram, GE, Nichia, Cree etc, except Nichia and Cree, most of the LED light brands are converted from the traditional light industry. And these brands have an obvious feature of only focusing on research and develop high precision technology, both commercial products and civilian products are generally adopt OEM model , which means most of the branded lights such as Philips, Osram you purchased in the supermarket are made in china. I have been worked as an optical engineers for a period of time in a Shanghai company, in which they provide OEM service for a LED light model for Philips, Philips only provide a few key parameters, and even structural design and other design are made by the OEM company too, and finally the led light labeled with a Philips mark and can sell 50% more expensive than other lighting products.

Also some famous China brands, well-known as NVC lighting, Foshan lighting, Sunshine, PAK, they are also come from the traditional lighting company like Philips and Osram, some having their own production base but most always adopting OEM especially NVC and Foshan lighting. The other well-known LED lighting companies, most of them focus on LED street lighting and outdoor lighting products,such as SFT, Kingsun etc, of course,they are also in a clear transformation period in the past few years. There are some other LED companies original from the LED chip packaging or LED display company.

In my opinion, the LED light technical parameters are more important than the brands.In fact,most of consumers purchase a brand product is just for a psychological comfort,thinking about the brand name always not bad ,and you believe that the unknown brand are more terrible if it really appeare some problems. If you have enough budget, you can buy above branded LED lights, but if you want to buy more suitable LED lights, you’d better spend some time to know more about LED lights technical specifications.

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